My Thoughts on the Easing of Lockdown

Hey everyone!

Boris Johnson recently announced that as of the 4th July, 2020, many indoor venues such as cinemas, shopping centres, pubs, restaurants etc will be allowed to re-open in the UK, as well as the possibility of the 2m distancing rule being lowered to 1m. I have many thoughts, which I thought I would just let out on this space.

In all honesty, I am worried. Maybe I’m being too cautious, but I have a bad feeling that it’s way too early for this to be taking place. I know that in the UK, numbers have been getting lower with each passing day, but I just feel uneasy about things starting to go back to “normal”. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing I want more than to see my friends again and socialise somewhere that’s not a park… but considering the UK’s track record with how the government dealt with the virus, I just feel like we need to give it some more time before opening up the doors to the pubs.

I get that the economy needs people to go back to work, and buy things, and do the usual spending that we did before lockdown. I get that it’s important; hell, I’ve been unemployed for 3 months and all I want to do is know that I can go and work… although as an ESL teacher, my line of work is actually abroad… but that’s another story for another day. I do understand the importance of opening up shops and bars and restaurants, but I can’t help but feel that at this rate, a second spike in cases will be inevitable. I’d like to be proved wrong in the future, but right now no one knows what will happen. There is still no cure for this virus, and who’s to say that come winter, when people have got used to socialising again, that things will go back to how they were a couple of months ago?

I have a lot of thoughts, as you can tell, and I’m not sure how to articulate them. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is in this mindset, and that is feeling a bit confused about everything that has been going on for the past few months. I know that I’ve definitely fallen into a routine of doing nothing, at least compared to my “normal” life before lockdown, and the thought of going back to that does excite me, but I’m just worried that now maybe isn’t the right time. We still know so little about this pandemic, and I guess it’s the not knowing that puts me on edge.

I’d be curious to know your thoughts on the easing of lockdown; are any of you feeling as uncertain as I am?

– Janet

8 Things I Want To Do After Lockdown

Hey everyone!

I’m sure, like many of us, I’ve been thinking about the light at the end of the very long, dark tunnel, that is this pandemic we’re living through at the moment. I often find myself daydreaming about things I can’t wait to do, and people I’ve been longing to see; I’ve imagined multiple emotional reunions with friends that I haven’t seen since October; and I’ve been impatiently waiting for that first Saturday morning when Parkrun is officially open again.

But I won’t give this whole post away, so let’s get straight on into the things that I am most looking forward to once lockdown is officially over!

Visit Winchester

Winchester is my home away from home. It’s where I studied my undergraduate degree, it’s where I met some lifelong friends, and it’s one of the most picturesque cities in England (in my humble opinion!) It will always have a place in my heart, and the longer I spend away from this city, the more I want to go back and visit!


I already mentioned this earlier, but I cannot wait to go back to my weekly Parkrun! It was something I really missed while I was in Thailand, and it was one of the top things I was looking forward to going back to when I came home… so much for that! I have been trying to get out on runs whenever I can while I’ve been in lockdown, but it’ll be so nice to be surrounded by people again, and feeling that Parkrun buzz. I’m also excited to be able to sign up to charity races (or just general races), because I’ve only done two in the last year, and they were so much fun!

Visit friends

Again, this is very obvious, but something I’m excited for nonetheless. Like I said, there’s a lot of people I haven’t seen since at least October 2019, as I jetted off to Thailand for five months… little did I know I’d be coming back home into lockdown! I have been doing facetimes and skypes and zoom calls with a whole bunch of friends, which has been amazing, but nothing beats the feeling of having a good old fashioned, face-to-face catch up. I think this is one that I am most excited for!

Being able to travel

Although I’m excited to see people here in the UK, I can’t wait to be able to travel again! And I guess that also includes travelling around the UK. In line with the previous point, I would happily do a week-long road trip across the UK if it meant visiting every single friend who I haven’t seen in ages! And of course, I can’t wait to be able to travel internationally again. As a TEFL teacher, a lot of my work is abroad, and I did have travel plans for August of this year- still TBC- and it was something I was really looking forward to. It will be so nice to be able to travel without feeling terrified or anxious or guilty during this pandemic! This also means visiting family and friends who live in South Africa, other friends who live abroad, and hopefully one day being able to travel back to Thailand!

Get a job!

This might be a surprising one, but something I’m excited for anyway. Like many people at the moment, I am technically unemployed. I tried and tried (and am still trying) to get online teaching work, but it looks like everyone is in the same boat, and there’s very little work going. Surprisingly, I miss working! As much as I have enjoyed chilling out at home – it was definitely needed – I miss having a sense of purpose. I also found that I really love what I do, and now that I’m not doing it, it’s all I want to do!

Go to the cinema

The last film I watched at the cinema was Joker, before I went to Thailand. It was great, but little did I know that it would be a verrrry long time before I’d set foot in a cinema again, with that smell of popcorn and sugary drinks… Going to the cinema is one of my all-time favourite pastimes, especially when there’s a really good film on. So of course, this is something I’m looking forward to doing once this has all blown over!

Sit in a cafe with a friend (or a good book)

I just want to sit in a cozy little cafe somewhere off the main hightstreet of a city, with either a good friend, or, if I can’t find one, a good book. I find it so relaxing sitting with a hot drink, a sugary snack, and someone (or thing) to keep you entertained for hours, with the dull background noise of people talking, and barristers making coffee. Ah, bliss

Browsing in Charity Shops

I love going into charity shops, and having a look around at all the things they have to offer. I will almost always go to the books section of any charity shop, and happily spend hours and hours looking at all the covers. I’ve had to make do with buying my books online for what feels like the longest time, but I’m so excited to finally go back and support the local charity shops in my area, who I’m sure will be delighted to let customers back into their doors.

I’d be interested to know if any of them are similar or different to the things you’re looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!